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Lisa Mann Fine Art

Creative and Connected Breakthrough Blueprint is a totally unique approach to unleashing your inner artist—for all levels of artists, including those that have only dreamed of being one....

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A safe haven for adventurers in the world of creativity. It is the best feeling ever to create and connect in such a powerful way, and I owe it all to Lisa.


Alyssa Gold

Founder of Art-On-Fire


There is an artist in all of us.

As children we imagine new worlds, we draw and paint, and we express ourselves fully and easily. An unfortunate shift happens as we grow: we begin to limit our imaginationative time and prioritize less creative activities.

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Creative Blueprint isn’t just a revolutionary method to create abstract art.

It’s a worldwide movement, a call to dream a better world full of possibilities, both on and off the canvas. Its chance to be real. or be seenIt’s not about natural talent. If you have the call to be connected, creative, courageous, we’re here to help you make art that speaks to your soul. joints in a world of possibilities and be SEEN.


WOODSTOCK WAS 7,000,000 MILLION STRONG. Isn't it time for another revolution of peace, love and creativity? How many million strong can WE be? Grab your patin brush and FEEL the movement of making the world once again filled with possibilities.

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Jan 19, 2022